Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot Review

The pressure washer has been great for having professional cleaning of your lawn, garden and hose. It is great alternative to the professional cleaner that saves you from unnecessary expenses. It leaves your home interiors and exteriors at unexpected level of cleaning. Widen your option with brand new Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot that will please you all the way with its splendid performance. This is one of the best pressure washers available today. The machine is highly flexible in giving your washing a new pattern by indulging into cleaning the patio and it can scrub out the stickiness of old engine oil even.

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This gas pressure washer is rigid in removing all the stains, dirt, pollution and other unwanted debris. It appears to be almost like trolley that is quite lightweight and can be moved in decent manner without creating unpleasant sound. The cleaning will get new face with this great gas pressure washer. Hope you will like the full detailed review about one of the best gas pressure washer Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot.

The quick look of the Simpson MSH325-S MegaShot

  • The pressure of the water is 3100 PSI.
  • This device dimensions are 33821819 inches.
  • The Axial Cam Pump gives the water flow upto 2.5 GPM.
  • The tank size is 1.9 quarts.
  • It has 6 gauge steel made tube frames, in built gun, 12 gauge engine plate, hose, wand onboard etc.

Simpson MSH3125 Pressure washer Revice

Constructive Design

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot

Simpson MSH3125 is stunning in looks as its body is well crafted. The body is made up of steel even with time there will b no rust develop. The steel made device will be durable and its longevity will be great and please you at certain level. The lovely device with full attractiveness and no compromise in handling any part of the device. The manufacturer has seen every single detailing of the device so there will be no chance to have any complains while using this awesome device..

Spray Nozzle

The device is having 5 nozzle tips that will give privilege to use for different kind of cleaning. The 5 different integrated nozzle tips ensure great cleanliness of car, hose, balcony and other essential places of house. This is perfect fit for residential use. The spray gives huge pressure to water flow that takes out the stubborn stains and debris. The proper cleanliness of your house and lawn will be reliable on the collective 5 spray nozzle tips to offer excellence and beauty of the targeted areas. Also Check the Karcher K5 pressure washer review


The Simpson is designed in a manner to give full comfort to its consumers with its outstanding features. You can move your machine anywhere you wish to as it is so lightweight. The handle of the machine is having impressive grip that will make you hold the big handle in decent manner so you can shift it with ease. Its tires are also equipped with good quality rubber that makes it more movable with no effort.

Easy Washing

This pressure washer ensures cool washing and determines great flow of water with the power of 2.5 GPM with it compatibility and comfort. The 25 foot hose length supports cleanliness the wide area without making your machine move anywhere. It cleanses all the places and keeps it in good condition for longer period with one wash. Its powerful motor and engine makes your hose great looking with its capability and efficiency.

Better Engine

Its capable engine makes the device more usable and capable. It has 12 gauge engine plates and you cannot ignore its efficiency with its belonging related o engine. The highly powerful and capable engine will not destroy the water pressure. The exact delivery of the flow and the pressure is suitable for your residential use. The Axial cam pump is illustrative in performance and gives less exertion to the engine. So it is the reason behind the high in power and efficient engine.

Easy Maintenance

The Simpson usually creates no issue in maintenance. It is impressively easy and in no time you can without effort maintain its engine, pump, handles and sprays. This gas powered pressure washer will not keep engaged in cleaning the exterior or interior of the device. You can easily clean every part of the machine and makes it more attractive and new for increasing the longevity of the device. It grabs your attention in plenty of factors but in this department it is mostly praiseworthy. Maintenance has never been tough of Simpson as it is easy to assemble once you detach every part for cleaning the device.

Durable and reliable

The most amazing factor of any device is its durability as well apart from other factors. It has tubular steel frame with heavy duty wheels for transportation. The powerful Honda engine is absolutely apt for accurate cleaning without leaving any stain. This machine is reliable and as it is easy to operate in all conditions. It does not harm you anyway if you are using the device with carefulness. You cannot use it in the interior of the house as this pressure washer is gas powered. Its fume can be injurious for health if you will continuously inhale it. Avoid these things and get full marks to have this device for your use.

Child Lock Safety

This pressure washer is equipped with child safety lock. You will not be seeing worried when your child is reaming around machine or using it. Its jet of water is secured and powerful so no error can be done by child when your device is tangled with child lock safety.

You can see all the features are complete fit for your daily use. The oil and grease stains indeed stays or longer so removing this stubborn stain will not be challenging with this gas pressure washer.


  • The capacity of Honda GCV 190 engine is great. This is the point where machine is at its best to give full water pressure.
  • Axial Cam Pump is good in extending the longevity and durability of the device.
  • The five tip of the spray nozzle is for the different kind of cleaning for different areas.
  • This machine empowers the wooden layers, clean patios, cars, sidings and there will be no debris left in tough areas as well.
  • You can use this device with complete ease as it has everything programmed already so there will be no hassle in using this device.
  • You can turn on this device for use in 15 min as there is no tough assembling of the machine.
  • It is made up of high quality plastic and 25 foot long hose is sufficient to clean your targeted areas without making it twist.
  • You can get a great service from the machine like professional cleaning.
  • It has separate warranty for different parts of the machine like 2 years is for engine, 1 year from creator and 1 year for pump warranty.
  • The Simpson is always ready to clean the house with spray gun, hose, engine and others.
  • It is compact in size so can be set anywhere in the corners of the house.
  • There are also two strong tires for lifting the machine with ease and you can make move with this.
  • The belonging of the big handle is designed to give comfort at its best so you can take the machine anywhere.
  • It is lightweight and it does give full advantage to you to stay cool while cleaning with this gas pressure washer.


  • It lacks detergent tank so usability with this device becomes limited.
  • It comes in less availability of colors.
  • You cannot use this machine in the interior of the house and it fumes is liable to give you problem when you inhale it for long time.

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Final Words:

Any machine needs high power and smart in handling the different condition as per your requirement. Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot is perfect alternative to other gas pressure washer as it is powerful and spares no opportunity to deliver best. The repeated attempts of this device do not make it dull and powerless. It has good controls over the stains, strong debris and other environmental attack. So going for this device will give you all reason to stick to it and you will be seen occupied in recommending it. You can get this stunning device from Amazon at the great price so grab this offer. this pressure washer get 4.3 rating on amazon in more then 1000 reviews.